Our Machinery Alignment Services

From machinery alignment services that alleviate alignment based problems to the design, fabrication, and installation of machinery bases and sole plates, Alignment Services, Inc. covers every customer’s alignment needs. Whether your machinery is new or used, our team of professionals provide superior services, consultations, estimates, monitoring, and more that you can count on. Always looking for the best way that we can serve our customers, you can depend on Alignment Services, Inc. to provide the assistance with machinery that your business needs. Learn more about some of our services by selecting one from the list below.

Installation Support

Alignment Services, Inc. provides accurate on-site alignment support for machinery installations (new, used, and retrofit) so at start-up your equipment operates as designed. There are many factors affecting precision alignment during installation and our experienced staff comes equipped to correct any misalignment throughout your machinery installation.

Machinery Alignment

From installation to maintenance/repair, Alignment Services, Inc. can give your machinery the professional touch that it needs to operate smoothly, as intended. With optical instruments, our team ensures that machinery alignment problems become a thing of the past.

Roll/Roller Alignment

Whether your operation is experiencing wandering webs, uneven nip pressures, or are replacing rolls during a shutdown, Alignment Services, Inc. ensures that your papermaking and paper converting equipment receives the adjustments it needs from technicians with years of experience.

Laser Alignment

Providing rotating shaft alignment by using our accurate laser alignment equipment, Alignment Services, Inc. gives you and your machinery exact measurements for a more precise alignment. Our professional laser alignment service is a fast and accurate method of measurement you can count on.

Optical / Measurement

Still regarded as one of the most reliable ways of providing precision alignment services, the technicians at Alignment Services, Inc., use optical measurements and instruments during machinery alignment to ensure that your equipment is operating as designed.


Specializing in Applied Technical & Industrial Metrology services, Alignment Services, Inc. can take accurate, repeatable measurements of industrial and mechanical equipment to ensure that everything is in line with industry standards.