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Precision alignment of machinery is accomplished at installation or during maintenance/repair through the use of optical tooling instruments by our trained professionals. Precision optical instruments such as theodlites, optical squares and tilting levels are used in conjunction with lasers and a variety of mechanical measuring devices, heavy-duty instrument stands and custom made jigs and fixtures. Our instruments and equipment provide a means of accurate measurement in the field, while maintaining flatness/level, straightness and squareness with very precise accuracy over long distance. Our methods of machinery alignment is far superior in terms of accuracy, speed and job site adaptability than out-dated methods such as the use of plumb bobs, music wire, and tram rods.

Our alignment tools and methods used during machine installations speeds up the process of getting equipment up and running and insures infield quality control for machinery setting.

A definite breakdown in precision exists between the fabrication and buildup of machinery in a fabrication shop to the installation, in the field.

To insure proper performance of machinery, most manufacturers and suppliers recommend our methods of precision alignment during installation of their supplied machinery.

The general condition of machinery and the ability to maintain precise alignment starts at the foundation; proper footings, installation of sole plates, proper anchoring and grouting are all key factors to consider when installing machinery of any kind. Our expertise in these areas is a valuable resource to consider.

Alignment Services, Inc. offers you the technical knowledge, expertise and experience to evaluate your alignment needs. We provide you with complete on-site precision alignment support for machinery installations (both new and used), and also existing machinery ensuring optimum performance.

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Precision Machinery Alignment & Installations Precision Machinery Alignment & Installations Precision Machinery Alignment & Installations Precision Machinery Alignment & Installations
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